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"We have had our e-newsletter going since 2011 and have found it to be excellent for my business. The articles are very informative and relevant to our particular industry. Any changes to property law are easily communicated to my subscribers. I send out my monthly newsletter in line with the announcement of the RBA’s interest rate movement so that my clients can be the first to know. The newsletters are very easy to manage and create with guidance from Steve. My personalised newsletter template looks professional with my custom colours and business logo. I have received many leads over the years from the monthly newsletter. In my industry I do not see clients too frequently so I find it’s a great way to stay in contact with past clients. I post a link to my newsletter on Facebook each month and I have the option of potential clients subscribing to my newsletter from my website. I cannot thank Steve highly enough for his e-newsletter service which provides such a great way of generating more leads into my business." Donna - Westwood Conveyancing

"I would just like to say thank you for being so helpful and professional with our newsletter service, we at Sydney Financial  believe a news letter is paramount especially in our industry. I can highly recommend your services to any business."  Greg H - Financial Planner

"I started using Steve’s personally constructed newsletter service to engage with my clients after seeing a presentation at our groups professional development day. The result has really impressed  me, readership is around 50% and I have clients contact me via the newsletter link every month.

Great way to stay in front of your clients with this personalized service without having any extra workload and also increase cash flow at the same time!"     Peter G - Financial Planner

There are many more testimonials available - please contact Steve for details

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